Georg von Wallwitz: For heroes in the stock market

It is an entertaining book by Georg von Wallwitz , an essay on the reality of the financial markets about greedy managers of large hedge funds and mutual funds. I guess that now this could refer you enough. However, we will make some clarifications here.It comes to so-called 900-pound gorillas and testosterone-heavy distributors. Of course, we will approach more carefully and thoroughly.

Wallwitz is a mathematician and expert investment. That is quite nice. He dreams of the true stock market hero, an equally virtuous as cunning ruffian. Something similar to a good man who recognizes his weaknesses. That sounds a little pathetic but it is true.

Wallwitz is serious. At least almost serious. For he formulates overall funny and writes not from the pulpit. He chooses of irony pose of a cross-legged in the club leather chairs. Whether Odysseus with Death Warrant or whether Wiesel with hairless flat chest are the specialized players in the financial world? There are many individual issues today. “Managers of listed and unlisted capital are in mutual heartfelt contempt for each other.

Nobody understands what the other, and what the farmer does not know that he does not like, “says Wallwitz. He warns of the reality in the trading rooms of banks and investment companies. The outsiders, writes Wallwitz, are not able to fathom the psychology of markets.

This exactly is indeed unnerving. Ultimately, we are talking about the mix of experience and psychological judgment about success and failure in the financial markets. “The way, it is to make an interplay between education, specialized experience, a sense of psychology, mathematically trained intelligence and Animal Spirit the difference,” he advises.

Functioning financial markets need many things, but mostly from a serious change. It comes to that people expect not only good reading of balance sheets, but also socially intelligent specialists. Of course, that is normal. These professionals should be able to deal with emotions.

They should have their own position and successfully defend this position when it is necessary. The author believes that the financial markets of our or any other planet can achieve this.


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